Packing Tips for Irish Trips!

We know packing and planning for your trip to Ireland can be stressful enough, so we have organised a few packing tips to make the process smoother! Remember your personal preference is important so always follow your instincts!

What to Wear

First consider the season in which you will be traveling and what kind of itinerary you will keep. Will you be exploring coastal areas or in the mountains? City museums or pub crawls?

Comfortable footwear is essential! Lightweight hiking shoes or boots are great for muddy pastures and castle ruins, but a good pair of tennis shoes or runners will be all you need for cobblestones paths around Temple Bar in Dublin or Quay Street in Galway.

Layers, layers, layers! Rather than packing a big heavy Parka that you would normally wear in colder months at home, try layering with a lighter waterproof jacket, cotton sweatshirts, fleece or flannel shirts. Keep this in mind too when packing gloves, hats and scarves. Good sturdy pants like jeans or zipped hiking pants are perfect for daily activities and can extend into appropriate nightwear also. Winter months can range from 30s to 50s (F), 3C to 12C, summer months between 40s and 70s (F), 10s to 20s (C). Ireland can be windy at any time of year especially between the coast and the mountains, or if you stop for lunch in a warm pub with a roaring fire, this is where your layer system will help. Don’t forget you’re never too far away from a store with gorgeous Aran Sweaters if you do get too cold!

Toiletries, Hairdryers and Shavers

Bathrooms in Ireland will not have an outlet for your hairdryers, and hair straighteners. You will need to rely on the bedroom for fixing your hair! Keep this in mind when gathering your grooming tools to pack. It’s safe to say leave the hairdryer at home, save space in your suitcase, as most hotel rooms and B&Bs will have these already. Standard toiletries like shampoo, body wash and soap are often provided in hotels and B&Bs. If you have a favourite brand bring your mini versions or check the local supermarkets and pharmacies when you get to Ireland, they will stock most well known brands like Pantene, Tresemme and John Frieda.


A good adapter is essential for charging your phone or camera. If you get lucky you might have USB ports in your room, your regular phone charging cord will work with these. Amazon is the best place to find adapters, and if you happen to forget one, you will find them in a supermarket, pharmacy or department store.

Ireland has beautiful scenery and you will be able to capture it at a moments notice with your phone camera, but if you are a shutterbug who likes to bring your own don’t forget extra memory cards, chargers and batteries!

If you have a small flashlight it is worth packing for dark walks back to your B&B from the rural pub – this was a great suggestion from one of our guests!


Again it’s important to consider your itinerary when choosing the appropriate luggage to bring to Ireland. Staying in the same location can make carrying luggage easier but if you plan to use public transportation like trains and buses and move from place to place a great deal then you may find a bag with wheels, a good strap or even a backpack easier to manoeuvre. If, like our guests, you take a private tour you will not have to worry as much about the logistics of your luggage but do consider the airport and carrousel and how easy it is for you to lift.

There are laundry facilities of all kinds in Ireland from hotel service to laundrettes, even roadside washer/dryers! If you want to save space for extra purchases and souvenirs and you choose to just pack really light then Ireland has you covered!

Everyone will find their own unique twist on packing. If you have any specific questions or want to share your best tips then comment below or contact us on